My PA services come at a £25 per hour for ongoing work. This may seem like a lot when looking at it as an hourly rate, but remember this price means that you do not have to employ someone and pay for holiday leave, sick leave, NI, tax, equipment, utilities, training and security.

The minimum charge is 1 hour, and after this will go up in 15 minute increments.

If you are after a personalised price for a project for example, then I am more than happy to chat and discuss this with you, just get in contact.

If work becomes regular and consistent, there is also the opportunity of building a personalised retainer package which will means you can purchase a block of time ahead of the month, once we know what work I can do for you and how long I can complete it in.

**Launch Offer**

As I am launching this new service, as an introductory offer I will be offering my services with a 20% discount for the first three months.